The Russian Rock Club of America

Mission Statement

The Russian Rock Club of America is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the rich musical heritage and culture of creative Russian-speaking youth in the USA and Canada. We are based in New York City. The Russian Rock Club of America functions as a community for fans of Russian rock music. Our web site serves as the most complete source of information about all aspects of Russian rock culture in the USA. Our concerts, annual music festivals and other cultural events provide an alternative showcase for independent musicians and artists who reside in North America, but continue to create in their native language. We keep the flame of the classic Russian rock tradition alive in our new homeland. We bring this music and culture to a wide audience, allowing the performers and the audiences to meet and interact with each other. We make it possible for creative people to get together in a friendly, conductive atmosphere, where musicians and artists have a receptive outlet for their energies, while the audiences are exposed to new, fascinating music and art. The music we promote includes all rock styles, from classic and traditional to post-modern and avant-garde, from folk-rock, blues and classic rock to punk, metal and electronic, all with a unique ethnic flavor. Our concerts and events are open to anyone who enjoys and appreciates this music, tradition and culture.


The Russian Rock Club of America was created in 1999 by two young enthusiasts, Mikhail "Naufan" Yaroshevsky and Mikhail "Mihalich" Khaykin. They decided to unite fans of Russian rock music who, like themselves, lived in America and felt torn away from their roots. They started an Internet web site to promote this idea, listing relevant news and events and providing a discussion forum. The site soon became very popular. People not only visited the web page, but began to meet and interact in real life. This led to the planning of the first club meet, and thus a virtual club became real.

Two other leaders Olga "Red Rose" Lebedeva and Edward "Big Beat" Pitt joined the Organization Committee. The organizers, or "Orki", as they became known, volunteer their time and resources to manage the Rock Club and organize concerts and events. Having started out with small get-togethers, the organizers have since grown to full-scale concert promotion. The Rock Club has successfully staged four annual Festivals of Russian Rock in America and numerous other concerts and events. In 2004, the club released a compilation CD featuring independent Russian rock bands from New York, Chicago, Boston, Toronto and other cities of USA and Canada, the first such album ever released.

Today, the Russian Rock Club Of America has hundreds of dedicated and active members throughout North America, plus numerous friends and supporters in Russia, Israel, Great Britain and Germany.

The Festival

Now in its fifth year, the Annual Russian Rock Festival is the main event of the season for fans of Russian rock and supporters of local talent. Presented by the Russian Rock Club Of America and hosted in New York, this is a major 2-day event attended by hundreds of concert goers and held in well-known venues such as CBGB, L'amour and The Hook. Each year, the Festival showcases between 12 and 20 rock groups, who come from New York, Chicago, Boston, West Hartford, Seattle, Portland, Cleveland, Detroit, Toronto, Montreal and other cities, specifically to perform at the Festival. In past years, the Russian Rock Club Of America brought to New York bands from as far away as Oregon and Quebec.

The music, sung in both Russian and English, includes all rock styles from folk-rock to metal, all with a unique ethnic flavor. Whatever your musical tastes are, you're bound to discover something new, different and exciting. The artists include the best Russian rock performers in America today, such as Interzona, Waterwalls, Zheka Koshmar, The Orphans, Anatoly Kurlat, Cheredovanie and Seven Ways Out. There is nothing else like it. Best of all, you don't have to be Russian to enjoy great music!

Click HERE to get information about The Sixth Anual Russian Rock Festival, which will take place on November 3rd and November 4th at The Hook club.

Other Events

Besides the annual 2-day Festival, the Russian Rock Club Of America holds several other regularly scheduled events every year, including the May Day concert "Rock-Maevka", the New Year concert "S Novim Rokom", the annual acoustic mini-festival "Akustika", and our popular Halloween party. Throughout the year, we also host other events, such as summer camp-outs, get-togethers, plus various other concerts and cultural happenings. The schedule of events is listed on our web site and announced via the mailing list.

CD Release

In 2004, the Russian Rock Club Of America released a compilation CD featuring independent Russian rock bands from New York, Chicago, Boston, Toronto and other cities of USA and Canada. Dedicated entirely to Russian rock artists residing in North America, this is the first such album ever released. The album features 17 bands and soloists, including some of the best established Russian rock artists in America today, as well as some enthusiastic young hopefuls recorded for the first time. The CD became available through this web site following the release party on October 2, 2004, and will subsequently be available to purchase through several online stores and other retailers. Produced by Edward Pitt, this is the second release for Pitt's independent label, Big Beat Records. This exclusive CD is available at a low promotional price of $6, plus $2.50 shipping.

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